30 March 2012

baby boy

After few drawings of old and past men, I was more than happier to have something new and fresh coming in my mind, like sketch a 5 months new born baby boy. A warm welcome for a new member to our family- my nephew.


16 March 2012

Homage to Ancient

These old and dim portraits are the Tai Chi Chuan masters, which I found the other days while doing google research of Tai Chi, Yang form related by chance. Unexpectedly, it fascinated me just look at each unique characters. I don't know who they are and whom they represent, yet, they look kind of familiar though, happened in one of my dreams before? Nothing to do with reincarnation things, leave that aside, then, whom those in black and white photos simply caught my attention. 向太極拳大老前輩門致敬。


12 January 2012

brief trip of Malaysia

Came back from one-month-long stay in a very religious country, Malaysia. Here there are Buddhism, Islam, Hinduism, Christianity…., all sorts of major religions out there. That also makes it, besides the different cultural influences, as a fascinating place to visit indeed. I’m kind of non-religionist, don’t really believe in any kind of one God only. Have I turned out happier or the other way round for that? As one non-religionist, I have no answer for that either. I stop questioning about who I am, where do I come from, or what will I be, that sort of issues for long since grew up and grown older. Assumed that if I left those questions behind so it couldn’t bother me in face, therefore, I would, or pretend, enjoy life more. Still, once in a while I kept questioning that what have I done deserved a second chance in this life, in terms of reincarnation that I couldn’t trust, what’s the purpose of the second chance I had anyway? Have I ever be able to find my soul back since once lost it? What makes me a human being after all? There is simply ever no easy answer for that I believe. It took me years to figure out. Did it matter then, I ask myself? Or did it not become consoling to believe that death ended absolutely? What was I trying to recover? don't know yet. But, somehow, in any perspective, have I found the balance in my life or have I been spoiled my life in some point for all these extra years I had for now? I couldn’t help wondering and keep looking for….. Here I am, wondering here and wandering there on this planet still. It is always a big sunshine above over the sky in Malaysia. Even so they do have raining season though.


29 April 2011

here comes new friends

I like to watch people and see what people’s doing, quietly and in distance, physiological or psychological speaking. I found which is fascinating to me to observe the way they walk, talk and how they move or communicate…..

In terms of, how far is far enough, how close is close enough. And that does matter, of understanding a person in a way. By doing sketches, I see people. Through my own way and my point of view.

Lately, I happened had a chance traveling along with two gentlemen for 8 nights/9 days, trip to Suzhou, China. It is indeed an interesting experience, positively.

Here are three quick sketches to present during trip. Let’s see..... These two gentlemen I travel with, both are professional doctors with a certain age. The one I knew, we met roughly less than 3 months before off to Suzhou. Just about getting to know him better. And the other one, barely known him, met only once over dinner a couple of weeks ago till trip. In the beginning of known this man a little during traveling. The last old guy came to the same tea-house alone for tea break like us, who is a completely stranger and absolutely no idea that I was sketching him. Three types of relationship and it turned out three different effects among us.


31 December 2009

I'm right here, still

Do you see me? ........
No, you don't?
How, wondering?
I'm here.....
Somewhere behind the scene....
But....., don't know where to look for.....
See me from your heart, not from the eyes.
...... ...... ......
Do you see me now? I'm right here, still.


27 July 2009


nude study
Oh, I remember that night, the longest day of May.

That usually overtaken day in town, happened once a month in Tuesday.

Hospital date, aimless looking at bookstore, friends meeting  and nude study.....

Exhausted at the end of day after all. 

Plus another 1 and half hours on express bus,  way back to home, barely open of my sour eyes, until the street lamp flashed me up. Home, sweet home is close....., just about midnight, a perfect time to call it a day. I need my bed, my own pillow so badly.

Once upon a month, I am a city wonderer.....

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06 July 2009

walk on

Appreciated my own foot, which take me to where I want to go, yet, also stop me where I wish to go but dare to do. That in the hope of walk on two legs, foot by foot. I'll keep walking..... Wherever you go, there you are. Wherever I go, here I am.


11 June 2009

sketches of ORCHID Island

5 days trip in the ORCHID Island (Lan Yu), off Taiwan east coast. Which is a great idea of get away from cell phone, TV, media....., though, it seems not enough, not long enough..... This is a dream island, either like it or hate it. Life certainly got a different meaning over there. And I had a great time. Look for my photo album? link www.flickr.com/photos/darkdarling there are more pictures to come.


29 March 2009

my soul likes to travel

My soul likes to travel, and, I think that's because I like to keep distance. Keep distance with others, from here to there. Suggest the intimacy is not a good idea for me though, for I can't stay too long, long enough to fall in love with a place, a person, a window view..... rainy night My soul likes to travel, and it seems I can't cope with that well. Maybe, just maybe my body don't agree with that idea. Yet, it's not my call..... rainy night Tell me is there an intimacy rule? that I wish to know..... How long is long enough? How close is close enough? misty night

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22 March 2009

study from ancient

The thing is, I love beautiful things. Flowers are meant beautiful. Yet, watching petals fallen apart silence me.
Somehow, Chinese calligraphy and classical poetry turn out my latest interests. Here are the studies. I am particularly fond of this piece. Extract from THE GOLD-THREADED ROBE, the 300 Selected Poems of the Tang Dynasty (618-907 A.D.) Only because it reminds me how fragile this world could be.
杜秋娘 金縷衣 勸君莫惜金縷衣 勸君惜取少年時 花開堪折直須折 莫待無花空折枝
Du Qiuniang THE GOLD-THREADED ROBE Covet not a gold-threaded robe, Cherish only your young days! If a bud open, gather it -- Lest you but wait for an empty bough.
I wrote it once, reminded me once, wrote it twice, reminded me twice..... Would I really learned how to let go things if I write in thousands times? The beauty only become whispering.
注:訂正書寫筆誤{有花}堪折 →{花開}堪折

23 December 2008


To dear all RedXmas Red for Christmas (Poinsettia), here is my green greeting card of this year, taken from my garden, made by myself, absolutely organic. Share with you joyfully. 絕對貨真價實的有機,絕對貨真價實的誠意, 親手栽培的花,親手製作的卡,就差沒親手奉上啦。 朋友情誼不因距離而有所改變, 空氣中代傳話 問候ㄧ聲愉快新年好。 事實證明細心呵護ㄧ件事就能享有美麗的收穫! 這可是我ㄧ整年的心血呢!


26 November 2008

Study hands

A pile of hand sketches, with ink and water, lay on my desk lately, and it keeping add up. How interesting, it started with when an old ink pen was found in a long-forgotten drawer accidentally one day, and I wanted to know whether it could still working properly or not.


04 November 2008

my territory

Lounge--one of my territory. It's pretty much like a twisted glance that I have when just woke up from long sleep in the morning. The fresh air from window outside was enjoyable though. That's all I definitely need first thing in the morning.


21 October 2008


The perfect season to go out during Autumn. As long as the sunshine is not too biting and not too windy, I love to stay outdoor, especially the last hour before sun set, it's the most beautiful moment of a day. The skyline looks even wider and dimer, blurred to the sky out to the world. Again, these are viewed form the top of my house.

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07 October 2008


I actually enjoy sleeping very much. That I look for a sweet dream.

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11 September 2008

morning look

I wonder why do I even bother to get up each day, every day, and on and on?


09 September 2008

a face

Of course it's not me, don't bother to ask. Just try to catch up an image on my mind what I like. Hate to say that I can barely recognize myself from mirror these days. Suppose I'm in the middle of self-identity crisis?


27 August 2008


Unforgettable pretty hands that I've ever seen. Afraid to say I didn’t 100% express it well.


28 July 2008

Friday night

Summer night of Maokong Kondola, view of Taipei city.
more pics: darkdarling's shots


09 July 2008

gardening fun

garden party Have a little fun at the garden on my own no one else was invited except the fresh air remain dangling away the brief-heavy rain behind just awhile ago swing along free with the air dangling and dangling.

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20 June 2008


Oh, how I miss the smile! very much.


10 June 2008

A way of reading

I used have breakfast along with newspaper everyday in the morning, not really good for appetites sometimes anyhow.
Do often fell bored while reading or lost among the meaning of words, and eyes dangling in the same lines over and over again, that I might just do a bit of sketch to refresh my mind, even better, amuse myself by follow the images.

This is, a way of, how I read the world.


13 May 2008

Tears of happiness

"Imagination is more important than knowledge." -- Albert Einstein

Just about while I was wondering there’s a block in my head and the thoughts can’t flow away, and spend sometimes wandering among books, these words come out to me. Hummmm……'Imagination', exactly.

I happened found this sketch when sort things out days ago. Absolutely no idea when and how did I draw this, it must be long ago, when younger, long enough that I can’t record any of it. I’m "not afraid of dieing, but afraid of aging" aside. I guess if I don’t do any move, anything at all, I might just beat by aging instead of imagination. It would happening soon, either way.


12 March 2008

flower on the wall

I haven’t done much of drawing lately.
My mind is not there for some reason, nothing really inspired me for one, anyhow, and I have doubt of myself.
This quick sketch was done by the other day during weekend.
It’s a nice mild early spring day. How wonderful since it’s been cold and wet long.
This plant interested me for quite a while cause I never have that before and I have no idea what the name is, besides that I didn’t expect what it would be like when it was little (as matter of fact, unlike painting, the leaves all fell apart till it grown up while the flower began to bloom). It turns out amazing. And there was a blank and free wall out there, I thought, oh well, why not fill the gap.
It is Spring! Time for a little change.


10 October 2007

Dumb show

Here is the one man dumb show, presented by me and only. Enjoy it!


21 September 2007

days of summer, 2007

Here are my summer days of sky, recorded mostly form the rooftop of house, while I usually take daybreak during the end of day before sunset.

Whether like it or not, 100 days of summer are close to over of this season. This year, here in Taiwan, we’ve been through or pass by 4major typhoon’s effect, one magnitude 6.6 earthquake. The highest temperature is about 34.1 Celsius so far. Roughly, it’s hot and damp. How’s that sounds to you?

The Mid-fall celebration is just around the corner (25th, Sep. also known as Full-moon holiday) in Chinese calendar, which means the summer is practically end.

Let’s all embrace the out coming autumn of 2007, shall we? Farewell, so long summer for now.

See you next year. Definitely.


16 July 2007

a nice day out

It's a beautiful day, a lovely sunday afternoon out.
more pictures to see, please log on:


08 July 2007

one of me

Is this me? A real me? I wonder? I look at this quick sketch long, and question is it me still?
As they said, Scorpio is a sort of emotional animal. Yes, I’m the one.
There’s something unbalance in my mind these couple of days, anyhow, for some reasons, don't know if it because of the summer heat or by other friends affects, kind of low. Can’t really concentrate on what I’m supposed to do. That I try to read my mind and figure out how to spirit up myself a little by a pastel self-portrait.
Generally speaking, I jealous of those who can paint by imagination, unlike one of them, I’m only draw what I see, what before my eyes. The question is, do I really see what I saw?
This is a kind of rough though, only takes less than half an hour or so. Some of the bright painted colors that I picked for the reason to cover my underneath blue on purpose, instead, it did cheer me up a little eventually. To be honest, I barely understand myself somehow.