23 May 2007

green life

I love green, green plant, which is vivid. So full of life to me.
Still, green plants need sunlight, fresh air and water to grow up.
I love this idea also. None of element can be missed.

Simply play around with the images I took.

I had this Kumquat, also known as citrus, since Chinese New Year for celebrating the beginning of this year.
It’s May day already. Sorry been busy away a while that I missed the time when it's flourishing. Surprisingly, it grows up without my attention, so lively itself.

One more good thing about Kumquat, its fruit along with dried plum make a good tea. It taste a bit sweet, a bit sour and the smell is so so nice. This is how I have a cup of afternoon tea myself. I enjoy this kind of green life very much. Sunlight, water and fresh air, don’t you just love it?
And who doesn’t?