22 March 2009

study from ancient

The thing is, I love beautiful things. Flowers are meant beautiful. Yet, watching petals fallen apart silence me.
Somehow, Chinese calligraphy and classical poetry turn out my latest interests. Here are the studies. I am particularly fond of this piece. Extract from THE GOLD-THREADED ROBE, the 300 Selected Poems of the Tang Dynasty (618-907 A.D.) Only because it reminds me how fragile this world could be.
杜秋娘 金縷衣 勸君莫惜金縷衣 勸君惜取少年時 花開堪折直須折 莫待無花空折枝
Du Qiuniang THE GOLD-THREADED ROBE Covet not a gold-threaded robe, Cherish only your young days! If a bud open, gather it -- Lest you but wait for an empty bough.
I wrote it once, reminded me once, wrote it twice, reminded me twice..... Would I really learned how to let go things if I write in thousands times? The beauty only become whispering.
注:訂正書寫筆誤{有花}堪折 →{花開}堪折


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