28 November 2006

What if

What if the impossible became possible? What If...on December 30th, 2006, starting at 8 p.m., people around the world spent two minutes reflecting upon the idea of Peace and ones own humble place in time? Please check out what's possible: http://just-one-day-of-peace.blogspot.com/2006/11/just-two-minutes.html

26 November 2006

My best partner—both hands

Hey, I got nothing to complain about though, busy at work, I have work to busy on, how nice, isn’t it ? What can I say, I have both perfect hands and feet-- although may not big enough or strong enough -- they are my best companion. I usually have wonderful time along with them. Have you seen a worn out battery? That’s me at the end of day. Run out of energy easily, that’s part of my daily life now. For I do not have such full strength like others maybe, Either way, it also gives me a perfect reason do one thing at one time. Don’t ever try over do, as simple as it is. I didn’t give up the 15mins break—hand sketches. And, my feet prefer to go out to enjoy the solid ground, Love the crispy and dramatic sky and enjoy watching it still.