24 August 2006

Kill-time sketches

22 August 2006

Kill-time sketches

I spend many times on waiting and waiting in the hospital, and there are not much you can do within such scattered and limited time, except idling, read a book, listen to MP3, sometimes, I do a little bit of quick sketch. 等時 每個月的回診時間將近花去我10小時之多 意外發現多出好多等待的空白時間 等看診 等開單 等繳費 等拿藥 等打針 外加等車坐車 等待的時間零散能做的事有限 除了發呆 看書 聽mp3 有時我會拿起素描本速寫

14 August 2006

Wake up from a dream into another

I went into coma since the third day of hospital. It nearly took me at least 12 days to woke up, and there were also few days of semi-conscious zoon after the liver transparent operation, which means there must be nearly 15 missing days of my life, wandering nowhere, or lost in the other side of world? People kept ask me, where have you been? what happed to you during these days? What the hell…. (if you excuse me) I even did not have a clue that I lost my liver for good till I have my conscious fully back. So, that I was in dreams, never realize where I was actually in limbo around dreams though. So many happened during dreams, so many happened outside of dream that I did not know as well. It’s completely a new world to me when I awakened, everything may be stay the same but me. Have I just waked up from a dream into another, I wonder? During the recovering days of first half years while I went back home with my parents from hospital. I try to sort things out; I wrote or drew some of my while unconscious dreams down. Just want to make sure that I was not in another dream. I sometimes do hope all of this, is more than a dream after all……

10 August 2006

Once upon a time

Once upon a time, when I was little, about 10 or 11 year-old, I accidentally fell from the third floor (nearly 10 meters high) down to ground. I remember perfectly how it felt in that few seconds. Years ago, once I had high fever, couldn’t sleep well over 3 days and nights, that I found I had illusions. Can’t help it. Bad or good, figures or brief story, past or present time, black & white or colour, real or virtual images (it’s more like 3D animation). As long as I closed my eyes, all kind of clips flashed all over my mind. I survived after all. Just about July 2003. After 15 days in coma, one day, I finally woke up from a hospital intensive care room. This is how I begin with my new life.

07 August 2006

Trip of Michigan, Fall, 2005

woman in between I