13 May 2008

Tears of happiness

"Imagination is more important than knowledge." -- Albert Einstein

Just about while I was wondering there’s a block in my head and the thoughts can’t flow away, and spend sometimes wandering among books, these words come out to me. Hummmm……'Imagination', exactly.

I happened found this sketch when sort things out days ago. Absolutely no idea when and how did I draw this, it must be long ago, when younger, long enough that I can’t record any of it. I’m "not afraid of dieing, but afraid of aging" aside. I guess if I don’t do any move, anything at all, I might just beat by aging instead of imagination. It would happening soon, either way.



Blogger harlequinpan said...


5/14/2008 12:00 pm  
Blogger miragee said...

Einstein's words inspired me when I came across them the other day too. Those who do not imagine, do not live...I think this is a quote from Babbit, a children's book writer.

Hum, to be honest, I've been thinking about aging and dying. And I am not that brave like you. I am afraid of both...But the movie "Peaceful Warriors" gave me a different perspective. Focus on the present moment. That is all we have. I think if we focus, then we can come up with tons of philosophical thoughts every moment!

5/18/2008 12:51 pm  
Blogger drips of paint said...

shedding tears can be happy event ... I long for it sometimes too.

The drawing so cute!

8/27/2008 12:49 pm  

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