21 September 2007

days of summer, 2007

Here are my summer days of sky, recorded mostly form the rooftop of house, while I usually take daybreak during the end of day before sunset.

Whether like it or not, 100 days of summer are close to over of this season. This year, here in Taiwan, we’ve been through or pass by 4major typhoon’s effect, one magnitude 6.6 earthquake. The highest temperature is about 34.1 Celsius so far. Roughly, it’s hot and damp. How’s that sounds to you?

The Mid-fall celebration is just around the corner (25th, Sep. also known as Full-moon holiday) in Chinese calendar, which means the summer is practically end.

Let’s all embrace the out coming autumn of 2007, shall we? Farewell, so long summer for now.

See you next year. Definitely.