15 June 2007

Tracing light

Early Thursday summer night, after few days of raining break, nice have wind breezing, it's dry, clearing and fresh on the air, the smell is nice as well. Under the accompany of the moon and stars, I had my very own party--tracing the light night.

The night was so right!

I went up to my favorite spot -- the top of the house, enjoy the quite evening myself, as usual. Along with a dig-camera. And the light just made my night so lovely.
Just a little tricky stuff--simply swing around with the camera. Guess how these pictures from?
the answer is the last image.

more pictures: flickr.com/photos/darkdarling


08 June 2007

raining days

Time of raining season out here in Taiwan, lately it's been rain like cats and dogs constantly.

I cannot go anywhere due to the heavy rain, even though the thunder sounds pretty scaring during midnight, yet, I enjoy the the sound of rain drops dancing on the roof.
And I happened bought a new digital camera-Canon IXUS 850IS, it comes handy though.

More pictures: flickr.com/photos/darkdarling/