27 August 2008


Unforgettable pretty hands that I've ever seen. Afraid to say I didn’t 100% express it well.



Blogger harlequinpan said...


8/29/2008 9:29 pm  
Blogger georg said...

Hi darkdarling -

Thankyou for your friendly comments at my blog - I'm glad to hear from you too. The last months I haven't had so much time for my illos and to see other's - but I really love it, when I take the time to do it.

Yes, it is beautiful, beautiful hands - they can't be drawed any better, I think.

Have a nice sunday - hugs from Denmark - georg

9/14/2008 5:57 pm  
Blogger Eduardo Alvarado said...

I recognize these hands...!!!

9/18/2008 12:52 am  
Blogger darkdarling said...

Thanks guys.

Have a guess. Whoever can figure out these hands belong to whom, I'll give a kiss to the one. : )


9/18/2008 10:56 pm  
Blogger Lozzano said...

Un trabajo precioso. Muy delicado.

6/23/2009 6:58 pm  

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