29 April 2011

here comes new friends

I like to watch people and see what people’s doing, quietly and in distance, physiological or psychological speaking. I found which is fascinating to me to observe the way they walk, talk and how they move or communicate…..

In terms of, how far is far enough, how close is close enough. And that does matter, of understanding a person in a way. By doing sketches, I see people. Through my own way and my point of view.

Lately, I happened had a chance traveling along with two gentlemen for 8 nights/9 days, trip to Suzhou, China. It is indeed an interesting experience, positively.

Here are three quick sketches to present during trip. Let’s see..... These two gentlemen I travel with, both are professional doctors with a certain age. The one I knew, we met roughly less than 3 months before off to Suzhou. Just about getting to know him better. And the other one, barely known him, met only once over dinner a couple of weeks ago till trip. In the beginning of known this man a little during traveling. The last old guy came to the same tea-house alone for tea break like us, who is a completely stranger and absolutely no idea that I was sketching him. Three types of relationship and it turned out three different effects among us.



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