23 September 2006

Seize the moment

Sensed the lights were slightly different sneaking into my room from west side of window late afternoon while reading. Then quickly rushed to the top of house and happened saw the amazing view in front of me. What an astonishing world, isn’t it? Seized the moment before typhoon passing by. I do, sometimes, only sometimes, do not mind typhoon passes by. It’s so dramatic; at the same time it refreshes everything, and reminds us how powerful the nature is after all. In the middle of colors above, no need of a pair of wings, that I can fly, high, and high. Far away, there is my dream. The very next day, it just rain, raining all day. Fall is always my favorite season of all.

11 September 2006

Rainbow, sky, sunset and the bird.

Rainbow, sky, sunset and the bird. These are all my favorites. I used dream that I was a bird since little, That I can fly over the skyline, Follow the sun, chasing the last moment before sunset, Enjoy the wind blow and the beautiful endless sky beneath, Then cross the rainbow to the other side of world. Feel free.

Wherever I belong to?

I have been to England, seen the most colourful sunset in Kent, the garden of England, where I used spend two years there; also seen the famous royal family residency of Buckingham Palace and pretty much bizarre punk district Soho in London. I have seen the most loveliest river of Rhine, been Paris and visit the Louvre; wandering around the Black Forest in Germany. I have seen one of the most fantastic bridge – Charles Bridge in Prague. I have seen the most bluest blue in Mediterranean Sea, enjoyed the mystery of historic monuments there; even been to Cyprus, only for visit friends there. I have been to Rome, seen the Sistine Chapel, Michael Angelo; Visited the incredible city of Venice and Florence of course. I also seen, never seen such a huge lake before - Lake Michigan in USA. Either way, I can’t say that I have neither been to heaven, nor hell, yet. I once went up to Alps, and seen the most take-your breath-away place—Jungfrau. As they said it is the closest place to the heaven, a place too beautiful to be true. Have I seen it all? No. Africa is one of another place on earth I really want to visit. Where else would I like to go next? The answer is “ as more as I can ”, " never ever enough". Maybe it’s just too much of this life of one time, I guess? Where ever I would like to end up to? The thing is I never really ever been to you. Wherever I belong to. I never have been to you.

02 September 2006


Waiting for a friend off her teaching class. Hot sunny Wednesday afternoon in a café around 2:45. Not many gusts around at this moment, Most finished their rush lunch and left for work already. Only me hang in there and the owner on the other side of corner. Waiting is boring….....If you got nothing at all in your mind. I pick up a notebook I have in hand and start to sketch what interested me.

01 September 2006

Expecting life

Life, sometimes, could be so bored Bored to death But I know it’ll past. So I wait Expect life again