16 July 2007

a nice day out

It's a beautiful day, a lovely sunday afternoon out.
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08 July 2007

one of me

Is this me? A real me? I wonder? I look at this quick sketch long, and question is it me still?
As they said, Scorpio is a sort of emotional animal. Yes, I’m the one.
There’s something unbalance in my mind these couple of days, anyhow, for some reasons, don't know if it because of the summer heat or by other friends affects, kind of low. Can’t really concentrate on what I’m supposed to do. That I try to read my mind and figure out how to spirit up myself a little by a pastel self-portrait.
Generally speaking, I jealous of those who can paint by imagination, unlike one of them, I’m only draw what I see, what before my eyes. The question is, do I really see what I saw?
This is a kind of rough though, only takes less than half an hour or so. Some of the bright painted colors that I picked for the reason to cover my underneath blue on purpose, instead, it did cheer me up a little eventually. To be honest, I barely understand myself somehow.


02 July 2007

a practice of patience

I have to say that I'm not a kind of person who has such patience to handle things.
Usually, I deal with my body, specially pain, impatiently, even deal with others, particularly close family or friend, no patience at all when I lack of energy. Don't know why, sometimes I just couldn't control my temper well. Too bad, isn't it? It makes me fell bad of myself and regretful for hurting others feeling afterward as well.
Haven't done such time consuming work for long. This is a practice of line drawing.Copy from a picture I took of myself. Color ink pen+ water+ photoshop effect on A4 size paper, completed in a couple of days. It certainly calm me down a bit.