30 March 2012

baby boy

After few drawings of old and past men, I was more than happier to have something new and fresh coming in my mind, like sketch a 5 months new born baby boy. A warm welcome for a new member to our family- my nephew.


16 March 2012

Homage to Ancient

These old and dim portraits are the Tai Chi Chuan masters, which I found the other days while doing google research of Tai Chi, Yang form related by chance. Unexpectedly, it fascinated me just look at each unique characters. I don't know who they are and whom they represent, yet, they look kind of familiar though, happened in one of my dreams before? Nothing to do with reincarnation things, leave that aside, then, whom those in black and white photos simply caught my attention. 向太極拳大老前輩門致敬。