30 October 2006

Life comes to Fall

I have difficulty upload anything to my blog for a while, for I’ve been sick or busy, or tired, either busy, tired and sick take terms or in one time. Fall is such lovely season, I do like to go out to embrace the big but less burning hot sun and enjoy the wind blow, yet….. Besides heavy head, running nose, my eyes are foggy and the wind cause me cough more… Chill come out nowhere that I can’t stay outside long, but I never give up out to the top, breathe fresh air and enjoy a moment. My life comes to fall....

02 October 2006

get away minutes

Sometimes, when I feel bad, or a bit of moody, or a bit of uncomfortable from side effects of the pills I take, if which cause me gloomy that I cannot really concentrate on whatever I am doing, then I’d take few minutes break. Simply get away. One of the easiest way, up to the roof and look at the sky and take a long, deep breath. Or else I would do, stretch out my left hand and start to sketch with my right hand. It usually helped, away for 10 or 15 minutes, and that’s all I needed for. When I focus on tracing the line, the world left behind.